Benefits of working with Res Group

Delivering benefits to our customers is the ultimate objective at RES. From day one of working with you, we channel all of our technologies, expertise and workflow towards achieving this goal. Our work is complete only when this goal has been achieved or exceeded. We explain below some of the major areas of benefits that we have delivered to our customers:

  • Quickly ramp up resources enabling the customer to be responsive to urgent projects or accelerated schedule.
  • Overcome technological bottlenecks enabling the customer to successfully complete the project on time.
  • Bring new solutions to problems enabling the customer to leap forward over the competition.

Quickly Ramp Up

Quickly ramp up resources enabling the customer to be responsive to urgent projects or accelerated schedule.

Our customers strive to gain the first-to-market advantage while maintaining productivity of internal resources to a maximum. When urgent needs arise, RES is ready to boost the resource needed to capture the market opportunity.

  • Pfizer uses RES to meet peak-demands in their research resources as they pursue to be the first to introduce numerous new drugs to the market. In doing so, Pfizer also benefited in overcoming key technological bottlenecks and quickly deploying newly developed technologies, making direct impact to meeting Pfizer’s goals.


  • RES provided an independent design review of hydroprocessing reactors in an expansion project of a major refinery. Performed highly synergistically with the customer’s internal resources, the customer was able to execute the project with an aggressive schedule that was critical to capturing a larger market share. A more fundamental design approach used by RES lowered the risk of a new design. Additionally, RES team identified several areas to improve the economics of the design and safety of the operation.

Overcoming Bottlenecks

Overcome technological bottlenecks enabling the customer to successfully complete the project on time. 

  • Increasing demands in the financial performance is requiring companies to keep a sharp focus on their core expertise. However, needs for non-core expertise can arise in projects. In a multi-billion dollar heavy oil development project, RES has played key process technology advisory role to the contract engineering company, enabling the customer to keep focus on keeping the project on-schedule and on-spec.
  • Extracting mechanistic insight and design parameters from experimental data is central to many R&D projects. Mathematical models are often used for this purpose but calibrating the model to the data is a bottleneck that is frequently encountered in industry. Major reasons include the complexity inherent in industrial data, lack of robust optimization tools, and the workflow that can practically overcome these problems and produce successful calibration. RES’ cutting edge calibration technologies have overcome this bottleneck in numerous projects in drug discovery, catalyst design, new fuels development, and reactor design and safety analysis.


New Solutions

Bring new solutions to problems enabling the customer to leap forward over the competition.

R&D programs can sometimes reach stagnation burdened with large amounts of data, know-how accumulated by individual researchers and history of empirical trial-and-errors as well as managing information gaps arising from personnel movements. RES has stepped into these situations with new approaches to solve the problem and delivered innovative solutions highly beneficial to the customer.

  • Mitsubishi Chemical is a world-leader in producing functional materials for a large range of industrial and consumer products with decades of know-how and accumulated data. Faced with threats from competitors eroding its quality advantage, RES was asked to find ways to dramatically improve some key product properties for its products. In a fraction of the time of its traditional approach, RES identified key mechanistic pathways to achieve the target, enabling the customer to leap over their competitors. RES team worked closely with the Mitsubishi researchers to transfer the results and provided support until the solutions was verified in the production plant.
  • Superior catalyst technology is a major competitive opportunity in the automotive industry due to high cost of the catalyst metal and increasingly stringent emission standards. RES’ automotive customers possess highly sophisticated catalyst designs containing multiple noble metals, supports and device geometry. Optimizing the design, however, became increasingly difficult due to a large number of design variables and managing uncertainties in the experimental data. RES captured the effect of all the design variables into a mechanistic model and successfully calibrated it with all the data while resolving many of the experimental data difficulties it had encountered. The calibrated model generated optimum catalyst composition under changing regulatory requirements on NOx reduction and catalyst metal costs, resulting in considerable savings in the catalyst cost.

Benefits Focus:

RES Solutions Save
Drug Development Cost

HCV infection is a serious burden to public health worldwide, finding a cure effects millions of people all over the world.

“RES’ scientists and simulation tools saved tens of millions of dollars during clinical trials … clinical data is vastly underused in clinical decision making, and modeling is the way to extract insights from data” from Plenary Keynote Speech at BioIT World Conference, April 2008.

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Strategic Partnership
Accelerates Delivery
of Solutions

Strategic Partnership with RES greatly accelerates producing results. With an umbrella contract in place, project teams can quickly form projects enabling the collaboration team to quickly start the problem solving.

Leading companies such as Pfizer, Honda and SK Energy have strategically placed RES within their R&D program to quickly ramp up resources, overcome technical bottlenecks and bring new solutions.

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