Working with RES can take several options, but under the common goal - deliver successful results for total customer satisfaction. It is the foundation of RES working with its customers regardless of which options you choose.

Technology License

RES licenses its suite of powerful technologies along with training and support to assist in their successful deployment. 

Core Technologies:

  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Optimization & Calibration
  • Integrated Result Viewing

Applied Technologies:

Energy & Chemical

  • Catalyst Mechanism Database (CMD)
  • Lattice-Boltzman for Complex Meso-Scale Structure Modeling
  • Molecular Structure Control of Polymers
  • Morphological Structure Control
  • Solids Handling Models
  • Population Balance Simulation & Methods
  • Similary Principles in Reactor Design

 Automotive & Fuel

  • Catalyst Mechanism Database (CMD)
  • Real Fuel Reaction Database
  • Lattice-Boltzman for Complex Meso-Scale
  •    Structure Modeling
  •  Engine Combustion Simulation


  • Population PKPD
  • PBPK Modeling
  • Parameter Sweep for Improved Drug Design
  • Global Sensitivity Analysis
  • Model Identifiability Analysis
  • Morphological Structure Control
  • Solids Handling Models
  • Population Balance Simulation & Methods

For more information on RES' Technology Licence, please contact us.

Project Solutions

The Project Solutions deliver the result quickly and cost effectively.

  • Project goals, feasibility, scope, schedule and cost are defined in the proposal stage.
  • RES deploys its full suite of technologies,  expertise, workflow, and project execution  experience to quickly deliver the result.
  • Milestone-based fee ensures project results  are delivered and risk is managed.
  • Pilot Project is available to demonstrate RES can deliver successful results quickly.
  • Complete technology transfer upon project completion ensures the customer to retain the technology and workflow deployed in the project.

For more information on RES' Solutions Project, please contact us. 

Strategic Partnership

The Strategic Partnership facilitates delivery of project results with maximum speed and savings in project cost.

  • With an umbrella contract in place, project teams can quickly form projects enabling the collaboration team to quickly start the problem solving
  • Upon completion of several successful Projects, leading companies such as Pfizer, Honda and SK Energy have chosen to expand the relationship through the Strategic Partnership. By doing so, they have placed RES strategically in their R&D program to overcome technical bottlenecks, bring new solutions and quickly ramp up resources.

For more information on RES' Strategic Partnership, please contact us.